Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

Gret game!

I really enjoyed it, great job! Though I couldn't get the last trophy D:
Baww, I wanna see the secret thing lol

Wackiedk responds:

The secret thingy does sound appealing, doesn't it? :P

Pause feature please!

Thats the only problem that I had with it :)

Wackiedk responds:

Well you can always take a break between the waves. But something to consider, thanks.

I love this game!

I played the first version of this game, and this is a vast improvement. I thank you for changing the game, I really enjoy this game. I can't really think of any improvements you could add to this game, except that it gets a bit repetitive after a while. Great Job!


it was pretty glitchy tho

Its good, worthy of the front page!

This is the kind of stuff Newgrounds should have on the front page! Very addictive, I found myself playing it all the way through until the end. A 10/10 and 5/5 for you my friend!