Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

well better then the old version,

The music does not fit well at all though.

Not much...

origenality there you simple took an idea of where will be the game, how wil the enemies look like, how will the main character look like and left it the same way with out changing any thing.Now the upgrades are OK (but not the heads they are gust sily)it gets the player bored.8 for the upgrades and the art this are the only positive things in this game.


Fantastic game, simple yet fantastic. I just wish the upgrades were more consistent in really upgrading your bot (such as moving even faster, jump, and have some more use for melee then just the last boss). The achievements were actually pretty fun, and I did them all :D But I think you should know your "secret" mini-game at the achievement's room is completely busted. You can't move sideways and can't grab the bombs, which only lets you play for about 7 seconds tops lol. If you don't believe me check your online high-scores :)


This game was brilliant work of art! I certainly hope you make sequal! And you could up more functions like in mario games. This blossoms a new kind of 2D adventure!


t'was gud but i think teh lvl difficulties are a bit far each lvl ex:lvl2 then lvl3
in lvl2 t'was cool 2 attaks to kill one then lvl3 at least every second there was an enemy.....

Well overall:GUD