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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

I finished it!

Great game. A timewaster like I haven't seen in ages. Kudos to you, sir. =)

The lesser points:
-the beginning is quite hard and annoying, and it takes a while before you can upgrade yourself enough to pass through with ease- but once you do, you go through whistling.

-Once you've got a new head upgrade, it either kills them one-shot, or the routine two-shot doesn't change at all but for a larger portion of their health bar missing. Maybe this could've knocked them back a bit more?

-The sword->axe upgrades don't make any difference at all, apart from vs. the final boss, who was annoying, by the way.

But most of these points were minor enough for me to still have a good time.

yeah :DDd

i like it :DDD yeahhh ~

to the end ;D

its not all bad

but you should add a story different baackgrounds & cheaper upgrades then it will be 10/10

Quite Simple.

Simple gameplay. Pretty neat that there is an upgrade feature. This game reminds me of the older days of flash, were games like these were probably the best of its kind. Of course, this game really tests your patience.

Just a tip: if the enemies get too tough, redo a level to gain more money for upgrades. Once you reach around level 3, you are really going to have to do this. It is impossible to do all the levels in one run.


Already in level three and it is impossible...I give you three for the good music.