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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"


I'll be one of those guys who comment and don't explain their rating


this took forever to load, and i just couldn't really get into it. its repetitive, and i got sick of hopping. it looks like it could have potential, but this didn't seem like it was going anywhere for at least 5 more levels. i got to like, level three, and decided to go get stoned and get some food and watch samurai champloo. this game looks ok, but just really does not beat leftover beef stew.


I love this game. I was expecting that the fully upgraded version was gonna be like a giant robot or something.


While I think that the game was good and had it's playability, your secret could use work. It is kind of a buzz kill to finally earn the secret and it be completely buggy.


Yes the game started off slow, but that was the fun. Sorry that all these kids think this game is "too hard". They're the same ones that can't beat games on easy without cheats. Great upgrade system and I can't wait for the next one