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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"


good game but you move WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to slowly which makes hard to win which makes you have to replay levles over and over again which is boring

Climbing mount everest is a slow process...

...and your difficulty curve is much too steep.

Not only is the gameplay much too slow, the difficulty of the game increases exponentially by level and your upgrades make it impossible to survive wave 3.
As you increase the strength and defense of your enemies, you need to have them drop a qualitatively larger amount of money to make up for the work spent defeating them so at the very least we can handle the enemies as they advance.

I get that we are supposed to be slowly building the robot, which kept me playing past level one, but the development has to progress quickly enough both to maintain interest and keep us from dying.


WTF is rong with ppl, the games that have been being made on newgrounds lately are really pathetic, but everyone fucking loves them????????
3 for the work it probably took to make this

Good idea, too slow.

This game is WAY too slow. I dont want to grind for 20 minutes just to beat the next level. You should reduce the price of all the items by at least a factor of 3. Or at least make the coins worth more. Its a good idea, and I like how your robot grows, but I simply dont have the patience to play a game like this.

Pretty good...

The designs were good, the levels were challenging but not too hard, and the character items were fun. The downside is that it's paced too slowly. It took far too long to get new items for the robot, and a lot of the time at points where new items were needed. Thus began grinding, and grinding is the bane of games. You can't get enough points fast enough to earn a new item without grinding, or at least I didn't manage to, and I found I needed to get an item or two in order to beat the next level. A reduction of price on the things, or at least an increase in effectiveness, would do the trick to improve here.
Maybe a little bit of story, too, but gameplay needs to come first.