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Reviews for "Artificial Junk"

too slow, too bland.

not really a whole lot to this game. Pressing left and right and shooting lasers out of your eyes. IDK if u can do more later on down the road but thats as far as i got. The lack of sound effects also made a big difference to me. Theres just alot to be improved upon in this game.


-The melee attack works only occasionally. I hit 'S', but it won't damage the enemy, its like it goes on and off.
-The shooters (guys on the line) continue to shoot after they go off the screen, which is rather annoying if you're almost dead and get hit when collecting those few last coins.
-It was difficult getting the money necessary to upgrade. You really had to play levels over and over to get the cash needed.
-The star system wasn't explained very well.

It was a unique and fun game that was very joyous to play. It was a little slow though, but I played it all the way through. I hope you fix those few glitches, then it would be a great game.

Totally has potential...but....

Well, like you said in the description, the game has a lot of potential. However, when you're on level 3 and the enemies are coming WAAAAY faster than you are even close to capable of shooting, (let alone on both sides), people tend to get mad.

The upgrade system could also use a bit of work. Mind you, I found out that you could repeat levels, which is very helpful in one's quest for the ungodly amount of money needed, but needing to replay levels 1 and 2 seven-hundred times is kind of a buzz kill.

One last thing that I need to say: The gameplay is painfully slow. This can be solved with a couple extra weapons...and, just perhaps, a character that can either walk, (or at least roll), from the beginning. A hopping head has it's fun-and-games quality...but Jesus can it piss off a gamer.

Overall, it needs some work, but it's got great possibilities of becoming a far, far better game. Keep working, dude.



i like this game alot .true it does take time and paitence.i also do agree that the player moves slow.but the way he desinged it is great.upgrades,waves and achievements.so overall it is good.Just try to make the player move faster cause it is a pain in the neck.

"Balanced and reasonable?"

If this is balanced and reasonable then I shudder to think what the original was.
I understand what you're trying to do here, but if you're going to make us replay the same level over and over again you need to vary up the gameplay within the level. Otherwise it just becomes a time-waster, and the music's too good for this to ba a casual game.