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Reviews for "Leave Your Brain Behind"


Awesome animation skills, and lots of patience too :D Good effects and I love the way water flows, and how objects collide and splash and bounce... etc... nice stuff!

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you, if you like the water effects you might like my last submission as well.


That was really cool. I loved how when something appears, it was created out of nothing or it was created out of something else.

My favorite part was the block scene and then the alien came.

Good Job!

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you for the review ^^

make it more complex!

don't get me wrong, it was good and all but the consantly changing to blankety white etc kinda aggravated me, it was a bit stingy, to do this kinda thing you really have to make everything really meld into the next scene almost like a morph, if done well it can look veeeery trippy and cool, it would be nice to see that in your next, apart from that well done!

KidneyThief responds:

Ah I understand exactly what you mean, thanks for the advice.


Duuuuude........its like being high. My brain's on fire just from watching this

KidneyThief responds:

Haha! Thanks for the review


That was a pretty cool display of fbf. I liked the roughness of the images, and everything was smooth animation-wise. I really enjoyed how everything turned into blobs and stuff like that. Though I'm not a huge fan of the all black and white style, I think this animation was pretty good. Keep it up. :)

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you very much