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Reviews for "Leave Your Brain Behind"


I watched the movie before the description... i dunno... i just do that...

WOW frame by frame! i could tell because of how amazing it looked!

Great job! Sorry, 3E, your rating and comment doesn't match this work...

Awesome work, again, Gabe!

KidneyThief responds:

Thanks for the review ^_^


Hello Gabe. I see hudge amount of work here, but I feel like you've pointed it wrong way. Music and animation dosn't match. You have to improve your skill before presenting something without any story - just to show your work.

4 is for the Work. 1,2K frames is a lot.

KidneyThief responds:

Ouch such a harsh review from such a reknowned animator. Get some experience then feel free to critcize people in such a manner.

That was pretty cool

I like how everything just kind of flowed. Kind of like just dreaming with a pen. Great job!

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you


the crappy drawing settings you used show very well. (just look at how lumpy it all is), as does your inexperience at animation, drawing, and physics. Keep at it, because you must have done something right to have frontpage. -_-

KidneyThief responds:

Perhaps you would like to define inexperienced. Physics in itself need not apply in animation unless you are aiming for realism.


and good choice of music

KidneyThief responds: