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Reviews for "Leave Your Brain Behind"

very interesting

great music, great animation, great idea.

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you

Meh, right idea but not quite there.

It was decent but not quite there.

I'm frankly sick of the people here giving it a 10 because they think it's something really astounding.
The only repeating idea was a tree, the other things just seemed to be made up as you went a long which really doesn't take much skill, thought, or time.

I personally would have liked to see the trees seem a bit more lifelike once they were made subtle branch sways would have really made the animation seem alive. Everything just felt really stiff and forced. I was waiting for some more full frame stuff to happen, there was a lot of stuff that was just a tiny thing off center. I want to see the moving lines explode into something big.
Yes, I know negative space can have a huge effect but this didn't seem purposeful, it seemed more like you were only focusing on one area and forgetting about the rest.
The beginning where the arms come and rip the head off of what ever grew on the tree was obviously made up as you went since everything moved very separately. You need to think about multiple things moving at once, not just one arm, then the other it will really help the flow.

One thing that was quite successful was the two balls exploding, the movement was very organic and it quickly growing into branches really created a pleasing motion, however the branches then remained very stiff. You should think about making them react to the other ball's explosion a little bit. Not huge movements, but subtle movements that people will subconsciously pick up.

You seem to have the right idea but you need to work on your execution. I'm sorry to say but the people giving it 10 really don't pay attention.

And please, it's not JUST music, music plays a HUGE part in the whole feel of your piece. With something like this, the music can make or break the whole piece.
You should take time to study design and art in general, you have great potential for some very abstract animation work but you just don't quite have the feel for it yet.

KidneyThief responds:

I would like to thank you for your honest criticism and your time to write this review.
When I said "just music" I think that came off the wrong way. I am very well aware of how important music is to animation, what I was trying to say was that if it had been audio such as vocals or sound effects they would have been off sync and ruined the presentation.


That was good animation, no doubt about it. But it's the kind of thing I lose interest in fast, no matter how impressive the detail can get.

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you for the review

I appreciate your work

I am giving you a ten because I am a fan of psychedelic art. One suggestion for next project, make the different scenes more cohesive and you will get a more positive response to your work. Once again though excellent art

KidneyThief responds:

Thank you, great review


No, seriously, I thought it was cool...a little bit odd, but definately good...some people don't seem to understand that it takes a Hell load of skill to make frame-by-frame animation look flawless like this...Hell, this it pretty damn beautiful...I mean, I don't think even the Nightmare Before Christmas was as smooth as this...of course, they were using...well, you know, "dolls" and such...but this is still pretty damn good. Hell, I can't even accomplish anywhere near this quality on Pivot...

KidneyThief responds:

Hehe one of my friends mentioned the Nightmare Before Christmas while I was animating this. This doesn't even come close to the amount of work put into that kind of presentation but I appreciate the kind words.