Reviews for "The College Years 20"


Episode 20 is finally out :3

RandomFilms responds:

I know right?

love it

all i can say, please, start season 3, imediatly

RandomFilms responds:

Workin' on it

Haha nice one

Well the animation and voice acting were A1.
But this is missing something very crucial: MUSIC.
I swear this series is nice and funny but it needs music!
I'd give you a ten if you put in music.


"Jews" "Jews" Your all a bunch of "Jews"
That was so sad that they picked out the person that didn't say anything tp pick on.

RandomFilms responds:

The way the world works unfortunately


Some people just don't know good work when they see it.
This was original... How many college punk series are there out there?
I haven't found many... And this was made before a lot of the ones I did find.
I gave you a seven stars because I was a little bland, but it still kept my attention. You should have had the radio on in the car, or some other music to during the show. You know like how in Family Guy, at the start of a new scene, It shows their house and that music plays; try something like that, but be clever about it.

RandomFilms responds:

Yeah I know, I just hate searching for the right music. Because I can listen to a 100 songs on the audio portal and not find one I think fits.