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Reviews for "Realm"




El-Duego responds:

Um... thanks?

Don't listen to the naysayer below...

....he probably wasn't even around when text adventures were all the rage. It would be awesome to make a whole quest version of this with outdoor exploring and branching paths as well.

El-Duego responds:

I would love to!
Well ya know, eventually hah
Maybe with seperate chapters and all that...
Ah well we'll see
thanks anyways!

Great work

The only story who I couldn´t beat was the humans.
At the door in the cave,it seems I never handle it do press the button in time.
A bug,or am I simply to lame?
(I would wonder,´cause I even made the Dwarfenstory with no problem.)

El-Duego responds:

Shouldn't be a bug hmmm
I will look into it


I really enjoyed this flash well done.
i loved the background music as well.
keep this up!

El-Duego responds:

I will do my best to make the next one better!

very nice

i liked it a lot
obviously, it would have been better if it was longer, but you stated before thaty it was a test, so i will not hold that against you
i liked how you had the option to back up instead of having to start all over again
you said that you were planning on making a better one, so i have some sugestions for you ^^

-you definetly should add some graphics
-another idea that came to mind, was possibly some more interactive scenes. for example: on the human adventure, when you have to find the key, maybe have a "point and click" adventure scene where you actually have to find the key.
-of course, you would probably want to add more than 3 choices for levels

this reminded me A LOT of those "choose your own adventure" books and i thought that it was a very creative concept, and a lot different from most of the overdone cliched games that most people submit.

i hope to see the sequel soon, as I am anticipating it.
if you want any more ideas, feel free to PM me, as i am very willing to help ^_^


El-Duego responds:

I PMed ya :D
Great review btw