Reviews for "Emo Brown"


Lucy snatched the football too many times!

All he wanted to do is start for... err... umm.... a football team?

This really happened

After Snoopy's funeral.

I wonder if you can make an animated series...

without getting sued.

Is copyright loopholes as simple as changing a few names, character looks, and story?

Cuz if this was a TV show, I'd definitely watch it.

Because it'll deal with the harsh realities of life and how a loser deals with them.


"Why-is ev-re-bo-dy___ always pik-en on me."

Do Do dee DOO.

remember that song?


Capturing the look of Shultz isn't difficult, but adapting it to a style that seems appealing is difficult.

And you've earned high marks for that.

Out of all the Charlie Brown parodies...this makes the most sense.

A Loser that is always getting picked on.

He's basically who Charlie Brown would be if he existed in this generation.

You Block Head...

well one hes not wearing those gay ass skinny jeans emo fags wear
but im gonna guess that those are tears of eye liner down his face
but its a pretty funny picture

Down the road, not across the street.

Even Charlie Brown can't get suicide right. :)

Is it wrong that I Lol'd?

Nice work.