Reviews for "Emo Brown"


With the way everyone torments of him and the way lucy taunts him with that football, and the fact that the only person who likes him is a girl named pepper-mint patty, that everyone thinks is a closet lesbian, would probably make charlie cut himself, that or bring a gun to school

The real Charlie

Hey, just because he was humiliated by Lucy so many times doesn't mean he needs to slit his wrist. Where are the strong christian overtones we know him for. Love your stuff, keep it up.

...whoa...I KNEW IT!!!!

Always knew hed come to the dark side...We had cookies....lol!10/10!

Why do I feel offended, Hurm lets see...

Trust me I love the re-imagine-ing/assasination of characters just as much as the next guy But this is just not OK. I really like Charlie Brown he is the most innocent cartoon character of all time and you decide to make him cut himself, shame on you.
but an emo charlie, very creative.

Not surpised...

I knew all along Charlie Brown would turn Emo. He gets picked on the most and gets yelled at when we does something right. Poor...Poor...Charlie Brown...lol