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Reviews for "Repulsive"


only issues are that the points drop to negative far too fast, and that the game slows down when the action gets pretty intense. otherwise, amazing game, keep up the good work!

Good stuff.

Straightforward concept brilliantly executed, although it would be my personal preference to have tighter response controls because my little 'character' slid a bit too much for me to fully enjoy it. (Maybe an option to toggle these two settings on a slider scale?)
Can't find anything else to constructively criticize. :) Well done.

i like it

nice and new keep it up

Nice job

I liked it alot, it was a great idea, and fun to play. 1 thing though, sometimes the "wall" appears in the middle of the arena, and it's impossible to get around it - making it frustrating sometimes.


Achievements seem to be all the rage right now, and I don't blame you for putting them it. It makes you feel good and adds more replay value to a game like this. I definitely see an updated version of this in the future.