Reviews for "Super Meat Boy comic (p2)"

its gonna be on PC!!

name a price and ill buy the game:)


tthe comic was funny and if its a pc game omfg i totally would buy it tell me when and where to get it please!


how did he or she get the color and the out line like that

Bluebaby responds:

i drew the outlines like that, and the color was chosen from a color wheel...

Oh, man.

This is awesome, I love the game, and the art style, and I'm planning to get the Wii version. :)

Also, btw, do you mind telling me what font that is? It's been boggling my mind for a while...

Bluebaby responds:

the font is call upheaval, but now its the SUPER MEAT BOY FONT!


Haha, that spoiler just made me lol even more.