Reviews for "JUMP!!"

Cool game

cool game!! it was funny


this game is basically the best game ever (seriously)

Waaaa! ^__^

Cutest game EVER!! It was so simple yet so fun and adorable! It makes me happy to play this, and that's saying a lot. Even the art has this ironic and lovable style.

10/10 and a +fave! Pleeease make a sequel!? I can see myself playing this all the time just to smile and pass the time.

Just needs a little music

good game play, easy, fun, and it works

Great game!

I have a really hard time playing computer games because I am so bad at them, but this game is challenging in a good way! I feel like I can actually play it but at the same time not feel like I am playing a game made for a three year old (not that those are bad either). Very fun and very addicting. Another well done game by mygameline.com Love it!