Reviews for "Hotel Escape 2"


Extremely well made!
I'm so proud I didn't use the walk through!
Can't wait for the next one!

great game

the graphics are nice the music rocks

Good game

I love escape games

MerlinEntertainment responds:

I'm glad ^_^. HE3 is on the way.


won't load freezes at a quarter of the way

MerlinEntertainment responds:

And for that, you're giving me a 0? It obviously loads fine, plenty of people have played it. Please don't review if you have nothing to say.

nice game overall

For a P&C it was good beatable, the only real problem I had, (SPOILER!) was the Secret Door. I knew where it was, but didn't find the "spot" to open it, because I searched, where the door was and not to the left to it.

Oh and sweet graphics and music.

MerlinEntertainment responds:

Thanks for the review mate, i'm glad you enjoyed it. What I was going for was you're looking for the "handle" per se. Glad you didn't find it too difficult though!