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Reviews for "Counter Drift"


I almost vomited after two minutes of play. The whole world spinning around you thing is very dis-orienting.

The handling....

Oh god, it was soooo hard to drive D: Good graphics/physics, but the steering was so difficult!! I'd recommend making it less... realistic :p Seriously, make the steering less springy.

Not bad.

There's a few things that I think would have made it more enjoyable. The steering for all the classes seems to be a bit loose, the tuner class should have at least been more tight. Also, it's hard to tell when a turn is coming up to drift, and in which direction. Watching the map helps, but that's not as simple as it could be. Maybe either a pop up alert or a audio alert for a upcoming turn and in which direction. All in all a decent game. ~5.5/10

Good for starters

Good ideas on the way you upgrade and race, but it's not very good handling at all.


Menus have a very clean professional feel to them and music is fitting, gameplay and grapics are nice and the rotating camera view was a very nice touch as well, making it, I think, a bit better than other games of this genre. Keep up the good work.