Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Wizard"

You're back!

With the return of Weeble and Bob comes another great story :) 10 of 10 for the flash! Loved the humor, and as always your art work was fantastic.

Rating: Awesome (10/10)

Film Idea: Awesome
Animation: Awesome
Audio: Awesome
Backround music: None
Film type: Movie Spoof
Comments: A funny wizard of oz spoof Weebl and Bob style
For the maker: Keep it up man your doing Great

Another instant classic!

Love it! It's a cool and funny take on "Wizard of Oz" with a classical W&B animation and humor. :)

That was awesome.

One of the best Weebl & Bob shorts I've seen. And given how much good Weebl & Bob stuff there is, I think that's saying a lot.



Great, love it and make more!!!!