Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Wizard"


~~==My Review on the Movie==~~
= Concept - Wizard of goo?

The cream eggs weren't too smart in this episode and neither was the monkey! XD hehehe interesting short.
~~==Any Improvements - Animation==~~
= Nice and simple animation as usual. :P Not much needs to be said as you keep the same style. :D

= The credits music was an awesome remix of the over the rainbow theme.
= Also nice work on the audiable voice works for Weebl and Bob.
. An enjoyable short flash movie. I wonder what you will do next with Weebl, Bob and those other guys. Wait who are they? XD hahahaha

Rank =08/10 - Score = 4.00/5.00
~Shadow Dinosaur~ ~ the D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R -K-I-N-G ~


well the very beginign was kinf of boring until the chicken started crying then it was hilarious the whole way through

What the crap.

That had to be up there in the wtf flashes I've watched. I like it :3, the animation was wonderful, (for your style) the dialogue amused me, and the jokes were actually kinda chuckle worthy. I enjoyed it. However could you humor me and sauce the music?

I Miss Good Ol' Weebl and Bob.

*Sigh* This was great, But the creme egg thing, although funny, is a bit...:/...Whatever happened to the old days of Screaming Pie to a purple BAckground? Or Jousting Over a Rocking Horse? Or...Using Hammers and beans to wash cars!?...Er...

TheWeebl responds:

Those days still happen over on Weebls Stuff. This is a special thing is all.

You rule

its impossible for you to make a video that sucks, huh weebl?