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Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Wizard"

Weebl and Bob are at it again!!!

These people rule!


awesome one!


Aaaah The Wizard of Oz, what a great movie.
Nice spoof of it and a great ending :)


LOL my lil bro started talking to me using the Weebl n' Bob voice and it was kinda cool to have both of us jabber away while everyone else just looked perplexed. Just a lil thing to get ya through the day. ^^

A shame, isn't it.

I have just started seeing these W&B animations but I do understand as a series of shorts, the simple bubble speeches that made these W&B animations popular, keep certain fans of W&B entertained until many ask for more eps of these short animations.
But I'm here to review this flash because that's the main reason why I'm writing this review. At the time this was written, I had already written a review with the goobuster ep of W&B, as I gave that one a nine and voted 5 on.
This wasn't any big deal but hey I might as well show generosity to your work, because you're already a well known personality of flash.

My results on this flash short, a nine but more of a late 8, and my vote of 5 as well.
Okay then... I'll simply leave it at that.