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Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Wizard"


i love how they talk...

its been awhile since i've seen a weebl and bob episode on the 'grounds. Still Very Good as all ways.

P.S. Nice Animation to u ZekeySpaceyLizard.

What the crap.

That had to be up there in the wtf flashes I've watched. I like it :3, the animation was wonderful, (for your style) the dialogue amused me, and the jokes were actually kinda chuckle worthy. I enjoyed it. However could you humor me and sauce the music?


well the very beginign was kinf of boring until the chicken started crying then it was hilarious the whole way through

i love weeble and bob.

i love the humour of weeble and bob.
please make more.
it's still good.
the voices are very good.
keep making.


pretty funny, and the lion kinda sounded like catface x]