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Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Wizard"

Rating: Awesome (10/10)

Film Idea: Awesome
Animation: Awesome
Audio: Awesome
Backround music: None
Film type: Movie Spoof
Comments: A funny wizard of oz spoof Weebl and Bob style
For the maker: Keep it up man your doing Great

Wow, weebl, I was JUST craving a new W&B.

This blows my mind. I came on NG to hit up some old W&B, but heaven has blessed me with a brand new one, right here on the front page. You are a legend, my friend.

Loved it!!

that was great lol at da end :D

totally awsome dude

shit was fucking funny!!!!!

Weebl and Bob: Wizard review

Animation: 8/10 I realize the whole series is like this but I think it's all just simple tweening. I'm fine with how it was used and I'm not suggesting to change that. But for a critical point of view this is my opinion
Detail/Style: 10/10 I liked the detail in the background and somewhat in the characters. I really like your style on these animations ;)
Entertainment/Plot: 8/10 I got some laughs out of it. :)
Sound/FX: 9/10 Love their mumbly voices and I think you used flash effects to your advantage pretty well
Point/Originality/Effort: 8/10 The point was to entertain which it did well, it was pretty original (haven't seen many wizard of Oz parodies on NG), and there was obviously a lot of effort

Overall: 43/50= 86% B| 8/10 4/5
~Da Bomb Productions~