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Reviews for "Its a Tank!"


Tom must really love chocolate sauce enough to cover himself in it not once, but twice. I coulda sworn P-Bot was a guy though, that was a bit of a ballbuster.


P-Bot am hawt.

Try to explain MegaManNeox if P-Bot is a girlorboy

Because when I see P-Bot on newground's rumble it said's it's a he not a she. Now on this one you made every body confused is it girl or a boy?It's is impossible that male is having a baby no that reverse that's a girl not a boy may you please if P-Bot is a girl or a boy.In my opinion it's totally 100% a boy.But I still give this a ten because it's a bit funny too me when Tom Fulp spray himself chocolate instead P-Bot spraying oil every where having a tank trophy.


It's a tank! It's beautiful... XD

Tom the surgeon.

I didn't no Tom was a surgeon.

P.S. What game was Tom playing