Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


Sorry man butt the only good was the guitar
you better keep trying.
WTF? whit the puppies? you were nuts to allow it?


This isnt a flash at all i got to the puppy part and turned it off thats messed up ur grandpa if not already dead should be shot! This was boring had terrable drawings and lame music. 0-10

Jinnaboy responds:

thanks for your "terrable" input.

would have given better but

dude, the whole "rice sack" being buried made me just hate it,
i know it's your life story but come on, do we need to know that?

that's sick and not in a good way


What a fuckin ma fakka how can u trow a freakin sack of pupppppppppieeeees <3 in a freakin hole in the garden.. thats sick

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