Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


i liked it... the puppies part was disturbing, but simple... well done. I really liked the fact that it was drawn like that, it gave it a very special feeling. That and the fact that it was more of a conversation than a timeline... like a very deep conversation with a friend you haven't talked to in a while. Other parts were like looking into your head. I look forward to more!

Very well done

i must say that was really hit me when it talks about the puppys

Didn't expect this

i actually thought this would be a comedy but it was really "touching," the graphics weren't incredible but the story was all that matters


Great work man. If Thats really what happened in your life, you've handled it pretty well. Keep up the good work!!!!


That's... I wanna say really sad, but not in a "I'm so sorry for you" kinda way. I did enjoy the great detail you put into each and every scene, along with the music and content.

Hey, Life Sucks. Join the club (we have Jackets, cookies, and monogrammed hats!)