Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


I dont think that what you're grandfather did was, you know... "Yaysers". But i understand that in that position you have no other choice than to do what he did so it was not the wrong thing to do. :)

I cant say much about the animation itself as it was pictures with animated details, but the pictures where of star quality and the story was heart touching. Therefor, I vote 10/10 and 5/5. -thumbs up-

And NES is the shit.


I'm sorry, but the expression in this submission is amazing. You could actually feel what was being felt in those events. The music accommodated it very well.

I would also like to say Kudos on making the front page two days in a row, as well as consecutive awards. I would like to express my unhappiness that this scored lower than said other flash submission, but alas, such is the internet.

This will be going on my favorites, thank you.


i don't give tens very often but this was great keep it up


i love it. and for all those bastards that say this is crap, you dont understand. this is more of an auto biography. this isnt his choosing. and also, if you have a child, you shoudlnt be showing him newgrounds anyway. lol. thats like showing him what pot is but not letting him touch it. eventually he'll get on here and figure it out, and most likely before hes old enough.

so. . .

so if i were related to ur grampa i probably would of killed him with nicotine for doing that