Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

is Nice

Its a nice movie with fantastic artwork and i just wnated to congratulate you

nice artwork, but thats all there is to it.

nice artwork , only id had little story in it. there whas first of al no chronological timeline, why? its just a list of bad things you seem te remember and animated it.
it had also had nothing to do with "if trees could speak" however the songs was fitting , it made the flash look more depressing ( which whas your intention no?)
also, why the would you tell everyone your granddad killed 3 puppies?
thats just sick dude.

thats soooo sad those puppies

wonder how u made that girl cry...well great movie..i hope to see more..very deep..and impressice visuals


i love how this video was done. it was deep, i like that.


Why didn't the grandpa give 'em to neighbors or let 'em go, they could have had a chance then... Judging by the drawings, you're asian correct?