Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

"nothing fancy"?

Visually very pleasing, told a great story. I expect you're going to get a lot of comments about the 'rice sack', I'm not easily shocked but that got a gasp out of me.

This may just get front page. It's very good.

Nice vid:)

Good work done here, I like the music, it fits completley in the movie:)


That was amazing.
How could your grandfather kill those puppies? D:<
But the art was great. :D
4/5. ^^

I liked it much

I think even though there not much animation... I feel some how touched. I rarely leave flash reviews unless it's something I really enjoyed. The black and white gave it a very reminiscence feel. So I'm curious... is this a recollection of memories in your life? I thought it kinda sucked when all the little pups were buried. =(

Anyway... very good art. The music fit well... the story had a flow. Keep it up.


Heavy stuff, man

This movie is pretty deep, but a good one anyway.