Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


Beautiful artwork. Amazing to be able to see the life of another in the span of just a few minutes.

Pretty good

Dude that grampa burrying those dogs was frigging harsh.



Not that great.

It was a great piece of art, very depressing in a way. But i just wasn't feeling it.

Almost 10, though 8 is still lucky.

Thank you for sharing both your 'ghosts' and current talents with us. I can relate to some of those situations myself, so maybe I am biased in giving you an 8 versus something less.

I saw it as flowing in a mostly chronological order, despite suggestions made in previous posts. But I do believe that it could be filled out more, content wise, to earn a 10 from me, at very least. Because you had done this for an assignment were you asked to keep it under a certain run time? I ask because it seemed short to me or like it was sped up to end when the song did, if that makes any sense. The imagery was solid and conveyed the mood and message. I would very much like to see a more finalized version of this if you get around to it.

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