Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

Very good

Very good-- wasn't too self-conscious or stereotypically "artsy". I enjoyed how it made me think of moments from my own life, and it was easily relatable over all. However, your grandfather sounds like a real coward. The least he could of done was be a man and kill the puppies first, rather than bury them alive. Sorry, but that's just callous and sick.


Great work man. If Thats really what happened in your life, you've handled it pretty well. Keep up the good work!!!!

Its ok

but why is it "suitable for everyone" it says F**king in it ????

Pretty intense.

Like many others, the puppy part touched me deeply. Pretty scary to be buried alive, plus they could have been put up for adoption. Amazing movie.

Very interesting

It goes without say: There are going to be a lot of people that are not going to like this flash. Those that do like it... will like it a lot and not totally be sure why they like it. I'm one of the later. Loved the flash. Not sure why, just do. Very nice work; I'll be lookin' forward to seeing what you do next.

10/10 Rating
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