Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


Excellent art and great music. I had just discovered The Flashbulb maybe 4 months ago and this is a new song to me. It goes wonderfully with the animation.

it was a great flash

the art was amazing and it depicted a story through it not being in chronological order, i can relate to the dog, in my culture, people eat dogs when the dog's teeth are broken, now thats harsh ='(

Awesome Animation

I felt bad for the puppies

so. . .

so if i were related to ur grampa i probably would of killed him with nicotine for doing that

"Though they say very mean things"

Title immediately caught my eye, seeing as it's my favourite song from Flashbulb and I always go on about how I'm going to one day play it at my wedding. Despite what a few previous reviewers have said - I feel as if the vocals really fit the piece and overall thoroughly enjoyed this. Animation is quite beautiful and visually stimulating.