Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


Very nice art.Loved it.The puppies thing was kind of disturbing,but oh well.Great flash.

it was moving.

the animation was pretty well done. the music was pretty sad and the plot also.. it kind of made me tear actually. it was moving in a way

Nicely executed, although overused, concept.

Now, when I say that, I'm talking about the art. Lots of animations involve two colors, black and white, and it's been in too many popular animations to be put away as a flash cliche. That being said, the artwork in itself has a feel-good vibe to it, especially with Flashbulb in the mix, save for the sad moments. Emotions are much more easier to be effective when they are coupled with real life. Memories of puppies being buried alive. What a horrible experience.

Now, I'd try not to get personal about this review, but you present to me an animation that is centered around your personal life. You display an honest preview of who you are with faults and accomplishes, relationships and partings. There isn't much to this animation besides emotion and art, and I think that, in its purest form, that's what animation is all about. I like that.

anyone else....

notice the valentines card thingy was from the simpsons? :D
and great but sad D:


This is an amazing video. It left me speechless...