Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


Very well drawn and moving! What happens next?

it was so so

the animation was amazing best ive ever seen by far. However the video was a little boring and it wasnt right what your grandpa did to those puppies, i agree with ROBBY27.

I like it.

I find it interesting how the time frame jumps about instead of being in chronological order. Granted it is sad about the whole puppy bit, but I can understand where your coming from. The only reason why it isn't a perfect 10 is because it doesn't finish that last date.


I liked the drawings, and the general movement made it sort of calming to watch.
The music fit very well, too.
The puppy part was a bit morbid, but it wasn't you that did it, and that just fits the compilation of thoughts/memories to throw in the sort of.. darker pieces.
I'm an OCD person, the constant jumping around with dates, with seemingly no chain of relativity sort of threw the points down. A complete lack of direction will always lose a few points in my book.
But, overall, wasn't something I wanted my time back after watching. Enjoyed it, thanks for your work.


Great animation, please don't listen to the animal QQers, generally people like that have trouble understanding these things and just jump to conclusions...