Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

The Puppies

Very Kool. that is all I can say. sorry it is late.


That's... I wanna say really sad, but not in a "I'm so sorry for you" kinda way. I did enjoy the great detail you put into each and every scene, along with the music and content.

Hey, Life Sucks. Join the club (we have Jackets, cookies, and monogrammed hats!)


I'm not too sure why it wasn't all in chronological order. Overall, it's a decent flash. I know this is for a university project so you most likely weren't going balls to the walls on the animation. Your style is pretty intense, but the animation is severely lacking (hence the reason for giving you a 6). If you and flashbulb worked together to create a full music video for that song with the same concept, you'd have tons of fans.

If trees could speak, what would they say? The message seems to be up for the viewer's interpretation. I like how you used symbols (curiosity, love, hate, life, death, etc) throughout your life as clues but not really answers to the question. It left me asking other questions as well. By the way, great ending.

that. Was beautiful.

That made me so stiff i nearly ripped my pants. BRAVO!


if that was a porno..id get a boner

That means i liked it...good job my friend