Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

what an interesting life

great art work, your gramps seems a little harsh though.

Quit whining over the puppy scene

WhiteAvatar is right, life is cruel.
Plus, he never actually said there were puppies in the rice sack...

I really like this piece. nice laid back tone to it,
but I wish the scenes stayed on screen a bit longer.
To enjoy the art more and to read the captions,
for our, ahem for the less-sophisticated viewers ahem. (me)


It's such a great piece of tearjerker flash I just can't stop crying... Puppy scene was extremely cruel - but so is life.

There is an art within the borders of your flash animation, that just broke free and touched a lot of people, I'm sure.

I am australian!

Glad to see some great Aussie flash (no pun intended)

Keep up the great work.


i just shed a tear. but don't worry. it wasnt one of those OMG THIS SUCKED SO BAD IM CRYING... it's one of those tears you get when somethings amazing.

keep em coming.

PS abso-fucking-lutely great drawing/animation.