Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

Simply Wonderful

This is a wonderful flash, Immediate favorite.
I love this style and the music is wonderful.
I also had a similar experience concerning the puppies, and it also affected my view on life and death. I completely agree with what you said about the world and cultures being very different in certain places and i hope other people understand that as well.

Thanks again for such a good movie.

To CptMiCaLo;

If you thought it was that bad, then why did you stay?
why also did you find it appropriate to then slander this man's Hard work for no apparent reason?
Fuck off MiCaLo.

On a different note, I thought it was Magic!
I loved the scratchy animation and I thought the mix of trivial and dramatic moments made the film feel personal and realistic.
I think the pace could have been a little quicker esspecially during the dogs in the rice sack scene, you shouldnt have played the he buried the sack thing out so much.
However I really like how the music has been put to it and I think it was a fantastic choice, I've never heard of Flashbulb but they sound like my kind of thing. I also really liked the softer color used for the clouds, it gives a really calming effect and makes the peice almost sentimental.
Overall I think its a really good peice but as with everything it could use improvement!

-Love Crash


Cool idea, but I think you can do better, nice theme and art direction

Good job

Very nice, I get the theme, keep it up.


I kind of wish I had more time to read the captions, good animation, interesting choice of song...

About the puppies, couldn't you guys like.. idk, kill them first? In a quicker less.. suffocating manner? (assuming that giving them to friends or neighbors was out of the question) And why'd you let the dog fuck around if you didn't want her getting pregnant? (HAHAHA, someone said the same thing at my cousins babyshower) -sorry, irrelevant.