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Reviews for "Fighting ofThe Spirit Rmx"

Wow! Good song ^.^

I like the mix of dupstep and the dance!

0:07 Pure testosterone, blood, and semen flew out of my ears at that point. And that continued until the end of the song. I think I'm left with nothing but awesome in my mind now. o_e

I loved Symphonia! And this remix is awesome the drop was unbelievably good. Good effort, made a fan out of me. (^_^)

The dmp is crazy! I love it ! Nice techno/Dubstep/Thingy song :D

Your hats need some work. Too much of the same open hi. The panning seems a tad too wide on them as well. Other than that, I really like the song a lot. :) The melodies and kick+snare are done amazingly. I actually like the later breakdown you do just before the 3 minute mark until you start goin' heavy with the hats again at 3:09ish. Great song, dude. :)

dj-Jo responds:

Hey thanks for the review Durn :)
I'll watch the pan knob next time, and yeah
Maybe I'll explore some more hihat samples.

Glad you like the song!