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Reviews for "Fighting ofThe Spirit Rmx"

Wow! Good song ^.^

I like the mix of dupstep and the dance!

As soon as the melody came in I know what this was. RESPECT! This is an awesome remix and it does Tales of Symphonia great justice.


This is actually the first Symphonia track I've ever heard, and I'm really glad it was yours! The tune is awesome, breakdowns are also awesome, just the song in general is rreally great!

Your hats need some work. Too much of the same open hi. The panning seems a tad too wide on them as well. Other than that, I really like the song a lot. :) The melodies and kick+snare are done amazingly. I actually like the later breakdown you do just before the 3 minute mark until you start goin' heavy with the hats again at 3:09ish. Great song, dude. :)

dj-Jo responds:

Hey thanks for the review Durn :)
I'll watch the pan knob next time, and yeah
Maybe I'll explore some more hihat samples.

Glad you like the song!

The dmp is crazy! I love it ! Nice techno/Dubstep/Thingy song :D