Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"


Your artwork could use some improvement, but the animation itself was pretty good. If you practice a bit more in Flash, you can make the motions alot more realistic (a little faster, too).

Anyway; the green-haired kid was clearly a spartan. Able to catch up to them on a bike, and before anything could happen? Flew through a second-story door, and hurled a fat guy out a window?


...cool but..

ok animation, not enough violence.. but keep going 8/10 !

I like it..

I saved a girl's life years ago, but believe me, that stuff doesn't happen in real life. :(

Anyway, not the best grafics, but very fluid. Overall, is a nice animation.

There's a Lesson after all...

Yeah.. there is a lesson after all...

pretty good

You don't often see stories of this caliber on newgrounds. Sadly, the animation makes you lose some points. just work out your animation skills and you'll easily among the AWESOME of Newgrounds.