Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

I like it.

It was a pretty cool little story and pretty enjoyable to watch. I like the girl's ringtone too hah.


this was awesome...
But work on the whole bending of the legs and stuff. ^_^
the bicycle ride looked like he was pedaling with prostheic legs... that didnt bend. lol

great animation though.

not bad!

not sure if anyone noticed the allusion to the girl being 'targetted', using the the church cross against the sun or moon in the background as cross-hairs. i thought it was a very nice touch! :)

I like it..

I saved a girl's life years ago, but believe me, that stuff doesn't happen in real life. :(

Anyway, not the best grafics, but very fluid. Overall, is a nice animation.


i liked your space tumor more tho :P