Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome indeed.

That was sweet. The bike thing looked a little funny, and with a story like that, detail is nice, but still, it was a nice twist on the stereotypical Valentines flash. Very nice.

The moral of the story is.....

don't meet and fall in love with someone online like MySpace, or this might happen to anyone, not just women, but men too. I love the animation and how you made a great fight sence and a ver happy ending. I don't get why everyone loves that song that the girl had for her ringtone. I don't know what it's called, who sings it, and what language that person is signing it in. But anyways, i love the animation, and love the message you are sending to everyone out there.

Amazing !

It was thriling, my friend !
When it looked like a normal story you put action and that made the difference.
The graphics are good and the music too.
Sometimes these things can happen in real life so it was a lesson for us, too.
You won a bonus for this.
Keep going and you will reach the stars.

Ok, you guys don't understand...

people who rape people will kill a person. This makes perfect sense. And I'm pretty sure she wasn't supposed to be ugly, thats just how it turned out. It's hard to animate and u complainers should do it urself if u think this is bad.

nice movie

im always good for giving good reveiws but this is special i loved the animation im pretty passionate for my girlfriend too ^-^