Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

more than ten stars

perfect movie. great animation no words the only part i hated was the crickets background music but the rest of it was awesome good story and everything else.

deserves more that ten stars

Amazing !

It was thriling, my friend !
When it looked like a normal story you put action and that made the difference.
The graphics are good and the music too.
Sometimes these things can happen in real life so it was a lesson for us, too.
You won a bonus for this.
Keep going and you will reach the stars.


Story and animation is good, but cruel scene of killing the pervert-murder wasn't right... :(

Ok, you guys don't understand...

people who rape people will kill a person. This makes perfect sense. And I'm pretty sure she wasn't supposed to be ugly, thats just how it turned out. It's hard to animate and u complainers should do it urself if u think this is bad.

nice movie

im always good for giving good reveiws but this is special i loved the animation im pretty passionate for my girlfriend too ^-^