Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"


this was awesome...
But work on the whole bending of the legs and stuff. ^_^
the bicycle ride looked like he was pedaling with prostheic legs... that didnt bend. lol

great animation though.

A few months later...

...they broke up, when she remember that she never really liked him anyway, and all they had together was the horrible tragedy which they were both part of.

Nah srsly, I applaud you for makin this. Although the art was pretty weak, it was an interesting story, with good sound and flow. No dialogue definitely fit.

pretty good

not the greatest of drawings, and the smoothness of it wasn't that great, but it was a good story.


It's a good animation. clear story, gets right down to the climax. An i know you heard a lot of people commented about the graphics, but it's not as bad as they said it was.
the funny thing is that the msn predator thing happens more often then you might think, so some sensitive jerk might call it offensive. (Good job though.)

Cool. Let this be a warning, internet daters.