Reviews for "Happy valentine's day !"

this has to have been the best valentines day

video, It has the common problem of teen kidnap, very original, It has a great story. It too was very chilling to the core the way he shot him in the head. Nice jpb. Can't wait to here more from you.

more than ten stars

perfect movie. great animation no words the only part i hated was the crickets background music but the rest of it was awesome good story and everything else.

deserves more that ten stars


Story and animation is good, but cruel scene of killing the pervert-murder wasn't right... :(

Good work

A somewhat diffrent V day story and a smooth animation. 5/5 and 10/10


She Was Going To Cheat On Him...
But It Doesn't Mean This Video Sucks xD
10/10 5/5 Favorite *-*