Reviews for "Electric Drawing: UE"


the only thing that made me not give you a 10 was the lack of an "UNDO" button that undoes the last line up to 3 lines ago, kind of like ms paint

Very good! but...

Why the black color?

Not bad

But i see bester games. But the work of you in this are awesome.
A good good game

umm something ive noticed

umm ive noticed unlike 3 this one when u change the intensity it changes them all idk i like to have certain lines intens and some not but this ver sems to not be able to do that other then that i love it


I really enojoy playing with this little electronic drawing gadget(: It's interesting how you can tweak it and change little things. I also like the background which is black. Most drawing programs (i.e. windows paint) the background is white. All in all, I love this game(: