Reviews for "Electric Drawing: UE"


cool idea, I liked the fact that you can save those pics!

liam responds:

Me too, yummy :3

ok not great

it was ok, i drew a heart, cause of today being valentines day.

liam responds:


I liked it

I have not seen any other entries in your series but i did like this game. Its simple yet enjoyable. I suggest maybe being able to make the different lines of different "intensity". Good job though.

liam responds:

I suggest not looking at the others, they're the same but not as good (not that I think this is really good but you know ;P).. I was going to have different intensities but I decided not to because I didn't think it was worth it =o



liam responds:

Thanks :)


it would have made a cool app for a homepage or somthing like that but not a full game. i liked it for a while but its just paint with static lines.

liam responds:

Very fair, it is just a small gadget not really a full game and thus your score of 5 suits it fine I guess :P