Reviews for "Electric Drawing: UE"

An annoying bit is...

...that everything is like electric. If I want to make a person, and a lightning bolt, both the lightning AND that person would look electrical. Makes no sense. Other than that, it's a good game.


Awww. ):


i love drawing and i have always wanted to make like a electric kind of lok like that and its perfect :D good for making cool explosions and making it look like a flip thingy lol.. anyway its awsome good for passing alot of time and never gets old i remember there as somthign else i wanted to ay but i forgot so who cares

So much fun!

This is really cool! It reminds me of those old toys, the light bright, except it's easier because you don't have to put all the stupid little pegs in. The colors are really nice, bright, and colorful. Here's 10 out of 10 for a job well done!


makes me feel like im a talented yet misunderstood artist. maybe after my death people will see the beauty in my electric drawings. :'-(