Reviews for "Hyperventilate (ft. SDJ)"

Hey aaron! ;3 remember me? I think the vocals are okay, but I think the soundtrack is MUCH better. Could I have it without vocals?

P.S Thank you for the album! It's great! Keep composing!

The vocals werent to good in some parts but were good otherwise (Sorry SJD...) But good musek

gotta be honest after madchild did that song bitching about doing a club song over dubstep than I hear this and I actually like it so I need to eat shit.

player_detailpage&v=T6Hm7b8xn9o#t=113 s
after 1:55 aka 111s
"their asking me to do a club song on dubstep (fuck that)
its where the moneys at but that shit made me upset"

Its not a diss I had that line floating around my head since I heard of this alleged "dubhop" but... you rose around those bars it seems.

Really nice man! Love that dub feel. Vocals were good, too! Could perhaps be a bit louder through the verses, vocals wise. All in all, great!

I can't believe I'm second for my own song.

I can't believe I was considering zero bombing my own song. I didn't tho. LOL