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Reviews for "Super Mafia Land"

despite the difficulty

Very much enjoyed. EVERYTHING was in sync. Plainly, this was a well put together game. There was no attempt of graphical compensation, nor was there a massive plot filler.

Well done.


i love this game dont see where the mafia theme comes from buut its super kickass


very good game not sure where the mafia theme comes from but shit the game is badass

its beter than mario

the caracters are cool and the action its nice

SMB2 Remake! Classic!

Love it, reminds me of a Mafia-ized version of SMB2. Great work on the game and the game play makes me feel old and I laugh at the good times when I got pissed at SMB2.

UPSIDES: Awesome gameplay, classic controls, brings back good and bad memories, beautiful graphics, and not to mention the Mafia-ized Mario, Luigi, and Peach.

DOWNSIDE: Lag issues and slow gameplay. But it speeds up.

Hoped everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and wish everyone luck in beating the game.